Wednesday, 21 March 2012

First few days in Colombia

On Monday, we had a 5.30am start (Chris told me it was a 5.15am start so we were on time!) and went to La Florida Golf Course, followed by breakfast.

We saw 3 endemics – a good start to the day. We then travelled down from Bogotá at 2,600m south along the Magdalena Valley, dropping to 800m in 2 hours. We had an amazing few hours with another couple of endemics (one in our lunchtime stop) and then travelled back up to Ibague at 1200m for the night.

After a 3.00 am start, we had a long jeep ride to the Fuertes' parrot site at 3,600m (on the eastern side of the central Andes ridge). A landslide meant we had to walk the last few kilometres and then had a steep climb up where we did see this very rare endemic parrot. What a relief! We ran into massive traffic back on the way back to Ibague, which meant that we did not get back until 8pm.  What a long day!

This morning was a later start at 5.45am, travelling by jeep up to 1,500m for Tolima Dove, which I was the last to see. Good job for Chris that he did manage to get me onto it.

We are now travelling across the Central Andes Ridge and back down the other side to low area reserves. We will be out of contact for over a week but will update then.

Birdgirl says hi to all her class.

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