Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Last day in Bogotá and then back to Blightly

We arrived home late last night from Bogotá via Frankfurt. The flights were all ok, except two of our cases did not make it home from Frankfurt and were delivered today. Big thanks to my cousin Khaled for picking us sp from Birmingham Airport.

We managed an afternoon of site-seeing in Bogotá with Margarita Bedoya (info@drivingcolombia.com) who was great, taking us to a brilliant Crepe Restaurant where Birdgirl enjoyed two big and sweet pancakes, followed by a visit to the gold museum. It was full of mainly pre-Hispanic gold objects used for religious offerings and jewellery for chieftains.

Trying to get sorted today and ready for Birdgirl's birthday party at the weekend. Birdgirl had a double piano lesson and tap today, more lessons during the next two weeks and a catch-up on home education. Is it possible to fit 6 weeks work into 2??

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