Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Carabbean Coast, Colombia

We left the Western Andes yesterday morning to get a flight from Medellin to Santa Marta, at the northern Caribbean coast. Our driver was worried that a section of the road might be closed due to landslide, so we were in a rush. However, a gap wide enough for single line traffic had been cleared by the time we got there, with an entrepreneurial Colombian with a stop/go sign waving traffic through in exchange for a few coins.

Medellin Airport was modern and very efficient, making it a refreshing surprise for a South American airport. We spent the afternoon birding near the sea, which was pretty hot. We ended the day with the endemic Chestnut-Winged Chacalaca before heading up the mountain to Minca, a small cooler town overlooking Santa Marta.

The Hotel Minca is a converted monastery with beautiful cloisters and bare rooms, set in amazing gardens in the hills. I'd love to own it and have money to throw at it.

I have managed to lose my I-phone, so am hoping it will turn up in the pick-up from yesterday when the drivers arrive to move us on to the next stop.

This morning we spent birding close to the hotel, before we head on to El Dorada, the birding lodge in subtropical temperate forest in the Sierra Nevada, the Mountain above Santa Marta.

I had hip, back and foot pain and then realised that I had been wearing my shoe insoles the wrong way around for 5 days - no wonder.

Birdgirl is lying in a hammock reading her kindle and probably now time to make a move....

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