Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Northern Mountains, Colombia

We travelled up to El Dorado Lodge the day before yesterday. It is set in the mountains high above Santa Marta, looking down towards the Caribbean Sea in the distance. Yesterday was another very early start, going up the mountain to see the many endemic birds up there. Birdgirl and I missed three, which left Birdgirl frustrated and tired and me fuming (because obviously the fact that I didn’t see them was all Chris' fault!). We therefore made an even earlier start this morning, hoping to catch up with two.  We still missed one but did at least got some great views of an endemic tapaculo (a small brown and skulky bird).

We then spent a couple of hours scouring the forests near the lodge for the endemic Blue-Billed Curassow (remember that from 14 hours of searching in hot and humid Paujil??), but no joy. The bird has only been seen here the last few months and on our first evening we met a lovely East German couple, here to take wildlife photos who saw the Curassows that day as they were strolling around - no idea what they had stumbled upon. I think they would have swapped it for a glass frog (an endemic frog) if I had seen it to swap.

We then went looking for an endemic owl again, though only Chris and Miles saw it. Will be trying again tonight...

We did see a first for us last night though - a miniature tarantula sitting in a little plant. It was about 2 inches in diameter and didn't seem at all scary (so long as it didn't move), though I did hear some whimpering from Birdgirl - who can blame her?

Birdgirl says "hi" to her friends.

WIFI in a lodge - fantastic!

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