Sunday, 8 April 2012

A partying place and an exciting ride! From Birdgirl in Colombia

At the moment Birdgirl is really enjoying herself.  She was riding horses earlier in the week. Her mum was screaming the whole way down because her horse was taking her down steep banks. At the other extreme, her dad’s horse refused to move and so was forced down the mountain by the owner! Birdgirl herself was having a brilliant time. Her horse was speeding down the hill, but unfortunately she had no control over the animal. So the riding session ended painfully for Birdgirl, with her sore bum, but she did enjoy herself.

In the town Jardin,( pronounced Hardeeen) the people seem to party all night! Every night, not that this bothers bird girl! For her sleep is sleep, and you can't waste it on a bird tour! But outside there are loud speakers and these nearly woke up Birdgirl! Nearly.  Does that show you how loud they are?

Birdgirl gets up at 06:00 am tomorrow, a lie in at last! Bye for now. Will hopefully write again soon.

P.S. Birdgirl is missing her friends!!!

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