Monday, 28 May 2012

The first 3 weeks of birding in Bolivia

So, after 21 days of birding, we have seen 486 birds and heard 22 more, giving a total of 508 birds recorded.  Adding in the birds recorded by our guide only, this takes our total to well over the 514 recorded by Birdquest in their August 2010 tour, which also included a fair number of migrants.  Not that I am competitive, but it is good to know that we are doing OK so far.   We have also seen 10 SACC endemics out of a possible 10 targeted and will try for the remaining 5 during the rest of the trip.

The trip so far has been pretty easy birding and walking wise, but was tough insect wise in Beni.  The mosquitoes seem to have been forgotten as all signs have faded.  Wish the same could be said for chiggers!  Overall we are all less tired than in Colombia and far more relaxed, probably because we are pacing ourselves better and less stressed about missing birds (unless they are endemics of course!).  The food has been pretty good and Herman making our camp breakfasts and lunches has worked out much better for us veggies and fussy eaters.  I think that the High Andes will be much tougher, but probably for the best as I need to walk off the Snickers Bars before we get home.

Sand dunes outside of Santa Cruz

Sand blown in from Argentina

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