Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Taj Mahal, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

So, totals so far after 12 days of birding in lowlands of Bolivia: 341 birds seen, lifers on our world lists are 109 for me, 108 for Chris and 146 for Birdgirl. No idea what the trip total might end up at, but I'm hoping big!

We had dinner with Ruth Alipaz, who runs Bird Bolivia and is married to Bennett Hennessey, as well as their son Adam. Went for a meal at The Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant in Santa Cruz.

We met an Indian customer who explained that there were only a few Indians in Santa Cruz or Bolivia. I had a chat with the chef, who turned out to be Bengali. We had special authentic veggie dishes rustled up for us as apparently Bolivians will only eat sweet or creamy dishes.

A long way to go for an Indian Meal at the Taj Mahal

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