Friday, 22 June 2012

Home briefly

We have been home for a week, just to spend some time with our granddaughter and see our mums. Birdgirl has seen her friends and visited school.

Chris has done the washing and just a few more things to get restocked on. We leave on 30th June for a 9 week trip to Peru. Not enough time to fit it all in, but we are having a good go at it.

We are trying to get sorted for the next leg of our trip, but difficult to be rushing around when we are so 'relaxed'. Can't get my head around housework, what is that??

We took Birdgirl to London yesterday for an educational visit, which was really good. We must do it again when we get back. I think it is going to take months to get all our bird lists done, but at least I have my next project planned!

Birdgirl with her niece

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