Friday, 1 June 2012

Polylepis Forest, Bolivia

The next morning we headed out of Cochabamba to a mountainside this time with alpine, shrubby habitat.  The main target was the endemic Cochabamba Mountain Finch.  We spent the day birding here moving up from 2,500m to 3,500m.  Birdgirl was exciting to see our first Llama, even if domesticated (I now know that all llama are domesticated!) and a wild guinea pig. 

Two hours of birding were missed in the middle of the day, as there was a man on bulldozer working widening a narrow mountain road, who refused to let us pass until he had finished.  Chris was getting very agitated during our wait. 

We still managed to see Andean and Wedge-Tailed Hillstar and eventually just before had to leave, Chris saw the finch in flight but Birdgirl and I missed it.  I was surprising calm about missing the bird, luckily for Chris! 

We then had a rush to get to the airport and get out flight to La Paz.  Again, Herman was going to meet us 5.00 am the next morning, Carlos having driven our vehicle there overnight.

The one bonus of airports - wifi

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