Saturday, 7 July 2012

Arriving in Peru

We left home at 7.15 am on the morning of Saturday 30th June and arrived at our hotel in Lima at 8.15 pm later the same day, 19 hours later.  Although night flights are good on the way home to catch some sleep, a day flight caused less friction as Birdgirl was allowed to watch films the whole way, rather than the usual fight to get her to sleep (and her then putting a film on as soon as we are asleep).

The downside of flying this much is that I have watched all the easy to watch films that I want to.  Good job it is a night flight on the way home.

This trip is almost 9 weeks and we are travelling with Kolibri Expeditions run by Gunnar Engblom, a big Peru birder.  He specialises in cheaper trips based on less fancy accommodation.  Some of the birding is also quite hard core in that some places we are visiting we are camping or staying in basic community accommodation in order to access the best sites.

Gunnar met us at the airport with our driver Henri. It was great to finally meet him. After brief introductions, Gunnar addressed Birdgirl by telling her that she was famous, asking what her world list was and being suitably amazed at the number (making her feel great!).

Lima is 6 hours behind the UK, so we skipped dinner to crash ready for our early start the next morning. I was pleased with the hotel as I had found it myself on the internet and recommended it to Gunnar for us. It was really comfy and was only $45 for the room.

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