Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Culture and education in Peru

Having finished the Central Peru tour, we had a morning in Lima for a lie in and educational visit to a museum. I had checked out the Lonely Planet and opted for The Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology of Peru, which didn’t seem too far away. Gunnar had said that our hotel was really well placed for museums and so this seemed right.

I was really looking forward to our lie in and set the alarm for 7.30 am, giving us plenty of time to get repacked, visit the museum and get back to the hotel for our 11.40am pick up by Henri.
So it was pretty annoying when Chris and I both were awake by 5.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Even Birdgirl was up at 7.30am, unable to stay in bed any longer.

Before we headed out, I looked at the map and realised that the museum was just off the nearest main road to the hotel.  Judging by the direction that we had come from the airport, I decided that we were west of the main road and the museum was east.  I then asked the owner of the hotel for more directions, but interpreted his answer to fit my pre-conceived ideas of the way (my usual trick).  From the hotel we headed to the main road, turned right and walked for 10 minutes before deciding that we must have gone the wrong way.  A kind man stopped and gave us directions back the way we came and 10 minutes later we were turning right at the junction where we were had joined the main road.  10 yards later we were at the museum, which was probably a 3 minute walk from the hotel!

The museum had loads in it, including pre Homo Sapien skulls and sections on the Wari and Incas.  The Wari dominated before the Incas and spread from Quito to La Paz.  It was great to learn about the pre-hispanic cultures and history before heading to Cusco, the Inca capital.  Birdgirl loved it all, there is nothing like real life learning.

It was obviously much quicker to get back to the hotel, in time for our lift to the airport and heading for Cusco.  We said our goodbyes to Henri, who had been a great driver, cook and administrator.  The drivers/cooks really make the difference for us on trips.  Henry was fab, always making sure that Birdgirl had food she liked for meals, making her popcorn and hot chocolate and generally being friendly and attentive to her needs.  It make things easier for us but also makes things much more enjoyable for Birdgirl.  It is tough being 10 years old and constantly amongst strangers.

Having had a good week with Andy, I was feeling tense about what Lorand Szucs was going to be like, as we were with him for three weeks, which is a long time for Birdgirl to be good…

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