Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Peru, the first 4 weeks of birding - 56 endemics

We have just returned from Manu Road back to Cusco and are preparing to leave early tomorrow morning for three days of Andes birding 200km west of Cusco for a few specialities.

After 28 days of birding, we have seen 647 species of birds and 24 heard another species, giving a total recorded of 671 birds.  Some of the heard species are ones that we have tried long and hard for and others might have been viewable with some patience, but we have seen elsewhere this year already and so invested the time on trying to see other birds.

Chris has seen 173 new birds, I have seen 176 new birds and Birdgirl has seen 179 new birds, taking her world total to just over 2,700.  Between us, we have seen 186 new birds from our target list.  Of these 56 have been endemics with two more undescribed species.

The guides and tour have been great, everything working like clockwork.  The accommodation has been clean and comfortable, more than is necessary on a birding tour – but always welcome.  We would definitely recommend Gunnar Engblom and Kolibiri Expeditions.  We have been really lucky that our fellow birders Andy Marshall and now Lorand Szucs have both been great company and really good with Birdgirl, making things all the more enjoyable.

Still more than 4 weeks to go of birding…

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