Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Villa Rica (at 1500m), Peru

After a very tasty Chinese lunch in Satipo, we headed off towards Villa Rica, birding on the way.  We saw plenty of new birds for the trip, but no lifers for me.  Birdgirl had a catch up lifer with Fasciated Tiger-Heron which we saw on a previous trip to Venezuela and Chris caught up with Black and White Seedeater, which he missed earlier in the trip.  We were staying at a lodge above Villa Rica and the lagoon (with lovely views), so managed to trip tick some water birds before nightfall.

The lodge at Villa Rica
Another early start for Birdgirl, this time looking slighly more awake

The next morning we birded around the lake, catching up with Rufous-Sided Crake but only hearing Blackish Rail, a catch up bird for Birdgirl.  We will have to try again for this elsewhere.  Chris also saw a Blue-Winged Teal, which is very are in Peru.  Alex managed to get onto it, which was good as it was a lifer for him, but Birdgirl and I missed it as it shot behind reeds.  Good job it’s not even a year tick!

Also seen by the lake Oscellated Piculet taken by and copyright Alex Durand

We then headed up to the forests above Villa Rica, taking the mountain road over the top and then down to Oxapampa.  Above Villa Rica, near the coffee plantations we saw the endemic Creamy-Bellied Antwren and Peruvian Wren.

Creamy-Bellied Antwren taken by an copyright Alex Durand

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