Monday, 20 August 2012

Disaster strikes!

Birdgirl had just celebrated her 2,800 bird with a dance with her dad, seen an elegant Crescent–Chest and was walking back to the car when disaster struck.  She tripped and fell over.  She managed to break her fall with her hands and was not hurt or grazed at all, but knocked her binoculars.  She looked down and exclaimed “Oh my gosh!”, her Swarvoski Companions had broken into two.  She was inconsolable.  “I haven’t even had them a year”.  We had bought her binoculars in January before our Ghana trip.  They were 8x32 and at 500g very light and the perfect size.  She loved her binoculars and when we get home we will have to see if Swarvoski do the right thing and replace them.

How could this happen?


Maybe this works?

The postscript to this tale of misfortune is that the lovely customer focussed people at Swarovski immediately agreed to repair or replace Birdgirl’s Swarovski 8 x 32 Companions.  She is over the moon and has commented that she has really missed her Swarovski's.   

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