Monday, 3 September 2012

Peru, the final count – 1019 birds recorded

We were away from home almost 9 weeks on this trip, 30/06/2012 – 29/08/2012.  At the pace we were birding, with only one day of rest, this was hard work and probably a little long.  Overall though I think the trip went quicker and was easier to cope with than I was expecting (which was a very rough and tough trip).

We had 53 birding days, not including any travel days or our day off, less than 8 weeks of actual birding.  The aim of the trip was to see any many new birds as possible, rather than to get the biggest trip list.  There were many occasions where we spent an entire morning trying to see one difficult species we had not seen before and ignored the calls of something else that we had seen before, but was new for Peru.  For this reason I have given the total of birds recorded, as another group might have a different focus.  I can send a full trip list, sorted by site and day, to anyone who would like this.

Total number of birds seen, 974 plus 45 heard, giving a total of 1019 bird species recorded by one of the three of us.  There would have been a number more recorded by one of our birding companions or our guides.

We saw 364 new birds from our target list for the trip.  Before we had started, I had hoped for 300 new birds, which Chris had thought was wildly optimistic, so were ecstatic with this result.  Birdgirl saw 358 new birds, I saw 347 and Chris saw 338.  Birdgirl left Peru with a world list of just short of 2,900 birds, so is planning her next trip!

We saw 87 SACC endemics out of a possible 103 (85%) plus another 4 yet undescribed endemic species.

We used Kolibiri Expeditions and had a great trip.  I have set out our itinerary below, which is a patchwork of standard Kolibiri tours.

DayBirding DayDateItinerary
130/06/2012Leave home, flight from Bristol 8.45 am, Arrive Lima 6.10 pm
2101/07/2012Pachacamac & Tinijas Road
3202/07/2012Santa Eulalia Canyon
4303/07/2012Santa Eulalia Canyon (polylepis forest), Ticlio bog (4,900m), drive to Conception
5404/07/2012Birding Andarmaca Valley
6505/07/2012Birding upper Satipo Road
7606/07/2012Birding upper Satipo Road
8707/07/2012AM - birding lower Satipo Road PM - Birding between Satipo and Villa Rica
9808/07/2012AM- birding above Villa Rica, PM - birding  Villa Rica - Oxapampa
10909/07/2012Full day around Oxapampa
111010/07/2012Birding Oxapampa to La Merced
121111/07/2012Birding La Merced to Huanuco stopping at Alto Pinchita and polylepis forest
131212/07/2012AM - Paty Trail,  PM - birding near Tingo Maria
141313/07/2012AM - Tingo Maria & Tinga Maria NP (oilbirds) PM - Carpish tunnel
151414/07/2012Bosque Unchog
161515/07/2012AM - Bosque Unchog, PM-birding on the way to Huanuco
171616/07/2012Carpish Tunnel and Paty Trail
181717/07/2012AM - Huanuco to Junin Lake, stopping at polylepis forest 
191818/07/2012AM - Birding Junin Lake and drive to Lima, stopping at Ticlio Bog
2019/07/2012Afternoon flight to Cusco, train to Aguas Calientes via Ollanaytambo
211920/07/2012Full day birding Aguas Calientes
2221/07/2012Am predawn to Machu Picchu for sunrise.  Train to Ollantaytambo 7 pm.
232022/07/2012 Abra Malaga Road & Canchayok
242123/07/2012Am- Birding Abra Malaga high polylepis forest,  Pm- Drive to Cusco
252224/07/20124 am start.  Temperate forest in the early AM. Birding start just before Acjanaco 
262325/07/2012Subtropical cloudforest
272426/07/2012AM  - birding near CoR Lodge, PM - Pilcopata
282527/07/2012Birding around Amazonia Lodge
292628/07/2012AM - Birding around Amazonia Lodge, PM - Patria/nr CoR Lodge
302729/07/2012Birding near CoR Lodge
312830/07/2012AM  - birding nr CoR Lodge, PM - Rocotal & Huacarpay, travel back to Cusco
322931/07/2012Leave Cusco, via Salcantay Lodge Sorayapampa and then Apurimac Valley above Abancay
333001/08/2012AM - Birding above Abancay PM - Patpachacha Bridge
343102/08/2012AM - Bosque Ampay PM - travel to Cusco
353203/08/2012Am - flight to from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado,  PM - birding in Puerto Maldonado
363304/08/2012PM - birding Las Piedras River
373405/08/2012Birding around Piedras all day
383506/08/2012Birding around Piedras all day
393607/08/2012Birding around Piedras all day
403708/08/2012Am - depart ARCC lodge and travel to Tipishca
423910/08/2012Am - Tipishca  PM - Travel to Puerto Maldonado
4311/08/2012Am flight to Cusco, rest of day free in Cusco
4412/08/2012Free day in Cusco
4513/08/2012Am - free in Cusco,  late morning flight to Chiclayo (via Lima)
464014/08/2012AM - Bosque Pomac PM - Quebrada El Limon
474115/08/2012Abra Porculla
484216/08/2012Jaen to Leimebamba
494317/08/2012Leimebamba to Cajamarca, stopping at El Limon and birding above Celendin
504418/08/2012Am - San Marcos PM searching for Comet and then drive to Celendin, birding on the way
514519/08/2012Celenden to Pedro Ruiz, birding on the way stopping at El Limon
524620/08/2012Am - Searching for Maranon Spinetail PM - Pomacochas feeders
534721/08/2012AM - Birding at Yanaycu & Morro de Calzada near Moyobamba PM - RS trail,  drive to Tarapoto
544822/08/2012AM - Juan Gerra & Tarapoto tunnel area PM - Morro de Calzada then to drive to Pomacochas
554923/08/2012AM - San Lorenzo Trail & Afluentes PM - Drive to Owlet Lodge
565024/08/2012Am - Owlet Lodge PM - Afluentes
575125/08/2012AM - Owlet Lodge PM - Waycuecha feeders/ Mishquiyacu Valley, drive to Tarapoto, flight to Lima
585226/08/2012Pelagic - includes transport to/from pelagic, parks in Miraflores
595327/08/2012AM- Lomas De Lachay PM - Laguna de Ventanilla
6028/08/2012Flight to Atlanta - 12.40 am - Atlanta Arr
6129/08/2012Arrive Heathrow - 12.15pm

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